Tech Firms Promise Shining Future for Nevada County (The Union – January 16, 2007)

It’s heartening to see 2Wire become a tenant at the Nevada City Tech Center.

If I had a vision for our community, it would be to attract more businesses like this one. I’m a big fan of tech, but these businesses also provide well-paying jobs (money that is spent in our community), typically are “clean” industries and also are innovative. Plus, you can eat lunch by a real stream, not the artificial one that George Lucas built for his workers at the Presidio in San Francisco.

It’s a “win-win” for workers and businesses, largely made possible by high-speed Internet access, video conferencing and other technologies that make our world smaller.

This, in fact, is 2Wire’s business – broadband services. We have a 2Wire computer modem in our house, the heart of a wireless network that we use daily, to check e-mail, surf the Web – and read newspapers. San Jose-based 2Wire was founded in 1998 by Brian Hinman, a co-founder of PictureTel and Polycom. (Polycom is another favorite tech company, providing video conference systems).

We hear a lot about big-box stores and chains, but you’d be surprised how many tech businesses like this are tucked away in the Sierra foothills – with the potential to lure many more. And it’s not just the Grass Valley, Thomson Group. I met a guy at the county fair last year who works for National Semiconductor out of a satellite office in Grass Valley. I have another friend who telecommutes for Autodesk.

I hope the trend continues, because businesses and jobs like these will make our area more stable and independent.